About us

Hello and welcome! We’re glad you’re here.

We’d like to share some bits and bobs about our take on the world with you. In short: we aim to innovate at the intersection of design, lifestyle and sustainability.


Nordic design is both functional and beautiful. At Golla, we combine classic, simple and clean elements, creating timeless products for everyday use. We believe minimalism is the ultimate sophistication.


Nordic lifestyle is about relaxation and not taking oneself too seriously, while never compromising on professionalism. Finns are known for not talking too much – for us, action speaks louder than words. This is our policy at Golla, too: to make products that speak for themselves.


Timeless design and excellent workmanship make for the long life span of our products and help reduce waste, and we combine all this with recycled materials. In our view, the future of sustainability is looking good!


 Where it all started - and where it is all going

Our passion has always been to create products no one else has made before.



The first ever Golla products saw daylight in the village of Kolla on the west coast of Finland.



CD-Bago, CD-Bone, CD-Duck. Golla’s recognizable CD racks make their way to the giant Japanese market.



Fatboy bean bags by Golla become an instant hit in Europe.



Golla brings fashion into consumer electronics and is the first mobile accessories brand at CeBIT, the largest and most international computer expo of its time. Soon, Golla’s products are sold in 60 000 stores across the world.



Over 50 million Golla products have been sold in over 120 countries.



Golla launches its modern bag collection for the urbanites of the world.



The Orion backpack gets its own display window in the legendary La Rinascente department store in Milan, Italy.



The new version of the Orion, made from 20 recycled PET bottles, is born.