Happy Mondays

At Golla, we believe that life’s what you make of it. You might as well make the most.
Work and leisure make no difference to us; we want Mondays to be happy wherever you are, whatever you do. That’s creative living at its best.

Hailing from the north

It’s not enough to live in the world – you must live with it. Golla, born in the Finnish village of Kolla in 1995, is a perfect example of this. Starting as a family business in an old shed, it has grown into a global business, reaching all corners of the world with its high-quality design products that stem from the Nordic values of freedom, equality, functionality, and creativity.

Freedom of possibility

Our bags and accessories accompany you in all your adventures. They are fully compatible with the demands of business and pleasure, so you feel and look good wherever you go. The range of colours, innovative materials and details are smart casual for every occasion. To all free souls out there – we’re here for you. Let’s be business as unusual together.