Private L Traveller Bag

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Private L Traveller Bag

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The Private L toilet bag is perfect for storing your essentials when travelling. Otherwise like its smaller counterpart Private M but larger. It has a large compartment with an open pocket inside, a carrying handle, and leather details. The fabric is water repellent and the bag has liquid proof PVC coating inside.


• Zipper opening
• Small open pocket inside
• Small leather details
• Carrying handle
• Water repellent fabric
• Liquid proof PVC coating inside


Available in 5 colours:
• Black & Neulanen
• Lavender & Suovilla
• Navy & Näkinkenkä
• Salt and Pepper & Neulanen
• Teagreen & Neulanen


Cover: 100% polyester
Lining: Navy blue / 100% polyester
Details: Leather

Outer dimensions: 240 × 110 × 120 mm / 9.45 × 4.33 × 4.72 inch

• See also the smaller model Private M

This toilet bag is 100% polyester with leather details and with right care it will last you a long time. Follow the guidelines below to get the best out of your product:

• Brush or wipe off any stains
• Use Marseille soap for harder or grimy stains
• Do not wash in a washing machine or dry in a tumble dryer
• Let a wet bag dry naturally in room temperature
• Please note that the leather details may be damaged if exposed to water
• You can spray textile protection spray to the bag, but always test first in a unseen part of the bag to see if the product fits
• Please note that dyed fabric may rub off colour to lighter surfaces or discolour itself

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