Noki iphone X cover (Varpu pattern)

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Noki iphone X cover (Varpu pattern)

Cover your phone with style. The unique prints strive inspiration from the exquisite Nordic nature. Stand out from others with the beautiful design.


Colours & Materials

Cover: 100% Leather
Case: 100 % Plastic



Case size (outer): 75 x 145 mm / 2.95 x 5.71 inch / Device: iPhone X

This cover is 100% Nappa cow leather and will last with the right care. With the following guidelines your cover will have a long lifetime.

- Avoid heavy rain and humidity. If the bag gets wet, wipe off the water and let it dry naturally in room temperature
- Avoid extreme colds and heats
- Do not wash in washing machine or dry in tumble dryer
- Avoid contact with differently coloured items and fabrics, especially in humid environments, the cover may rub off colour or discolour itself
- You can use leather cream to help repel water and nourish the leather. Always test first in unseen part of the cover if the product fits
- Gently brush or wipe any stains from the product