Kaarna Leather Traveller Bag

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Kaarna Leather Traveller Bag

The perfect pair for your trips. Kaarna fits all your necessities and keeps them organized during the journey. The beautiful designs and prints make you want to use it also as a decoration. Just swap it from a suitcase to a gym bag and you are ready to go again.


Colours & Materials

Cover: 100% Leather
Lining: Navy blue / 100% Polyester
Details: Metal



Case size (outer): 220 x 105 x 70 mm / 8.66 x 4.13 x 2.76 inch



- Main Zipper Opening
- Additional Organizing Pocket
- Dustbag included

This bag is 100% Nappa cow leather and will last with the right care. With the following guidelines your bag will have a long lifetime.

- Avoid heavy rain and humidity. If the bag gets wet, wipe off the water and let it dry naturally in room temperature
- Avoid extreme colds and heats
- Do not wash in washing machine or dry in tumble dryer
- Please note, that dyed leather may rub off colour to light surfaces or discolour itself
- You can use leather cream to help repel water and nourish the leather. Always test first in unseen part of the bag if the product fits
- Gently brush or wipe any stains from the product