Scandinavian Monday


Scandinavian Monday stands for well-being, sophistication and sustainability.

Scandinavian lifestyle is known for work-life balance. Well-being and productivity are closely related. Taking care of oneself is key to performance and this includes looking the part. Golla creates bags and accessories that embody a relaxed and confident style for a balanced work life.

Scandinavian design is known for combining classic, clean and simple elements to create products for everyday use. In this sense minimalism is ultimate sophistication. In keeping with this tradition Golla’s bags of recycled materials demonstrate that it is possible to combine essential functionality, timeless design and sustainability.

Scandinavian Monday also stands for sustainability. The only way we can sustain our lifestyle is to make it sustainable. This is why Golla is committed to employ the most sustainable production processes available. In 2019 Golla launched its first products made of recycled materials. Our ambition is to use only recycled plastics by 2021.