GOLLA Summer Pop-up Shop in Helsinki Airport



Golla is proud to announce the opening of a new POP-UP location in the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport!

The interior of the store does not defer from Golla’s signature - simple, but classy Nordic-inspired design.

The goal is to captivate the quickly passing passengers and inspire their business, travel and everyday lifestyle!



Presentation is important, especially when the customer is in a hurry.

Our products are presented in a practical, yet visually pleasing and inspiring way.


GOLLA SS19 Leather Collection

  1. Silmu Leather Passport Holder
    Silmu Leather Passport Holder
  2. Hugo Leather Traveller Bag
    Hugo Leather Traveller Bag
  3. Kanto Leather Briefcase
    Kanto Leather Briefcase
  4. Orion M  Leather Backpack
    Orion M Leather Backpack

We help people envision the different situations in which they need our products.

Our display is there to show how a beautiful product can help organize their life, travel and business.



The pop-up shop is in the non-Schengen area near Gate 32.

It will last until the end of August 2019.

Come by, enjoy the simplicity and get inspired!