Golla Pop-Up Shop in Japan





During April GOLLA opened a weeklong pop-up shop in the Marui Imai department store in Hokkaido, Japan.

Our products were beautifully presented on the Men’s Fashion Floor.




The Orion backpack was very popular at the pop-up shop. Hokkaido is located in Northern Japan where it snows heavily during winter.

There people need bags suitable for all weather conditions!

Fortunately, our backpacks have been designed for this.



  1. Orion M  Leather Backpack
    Orion M Leather Backpack
  2. Taika Backpack
    Taika Backpack
    Out of stock
  3. Orion Backpack M
    Orion Backpack M
  4. Orion Backpack L
    Orion Backpack L



The next pop-up in Japan will be opened at the Hankyu department store in Osaka.

For more information and updates check the GOLLA Japan website (only in Japanese).