• GOLLA Summer Pop-up Shop in Helsinki Airport

    Published: 27.05.2019 06:53 | Updated: 27.05.2019 07:06



    Golla is proud to announce the opening of a new POP-UP location in the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport!

    The interior of the store does not defer from Golla’s signature - simple, but classy Nordic-inspired design.

    The goal is to captivate the quickly passing passengers and inspire their business, travel and everyday lifestyle!



    Presentation is important, especially when the customer is in a hurry.

    Our products are presented in a practical, yet visually pleasing and inspiring way.


    GOLLA SS19 Leather Collection

    1. Orion M  Leather Backpack
      Orion M Leather Backpack
    2. Kanto Leather Briefcase
      Kanto Leather Briefcase
    3. Hugo Leather Traveller Bag
      Hugo Leather Traveller Bag

    We help people envision the different situations in which they need our products.

    Our display is there to show how a beautiful product can help organize their life, travel and business.



    The pop-up shop is in the non-Schengen area near Gate 32.

    It will last until the end of August 2019.

    Come by, enjoy the simplicity and get inspired!







  • Golla Pop-Up Shop in Japan

    Published: 13.05.2019 15:54 | Updated: 21.05.2019 16:08





    During April GOLLA opened a weeklong pop-up shop in the Marui Imai department store in Hokkaido, Japan.

    Our products were beautifully presented on the Men’s Fashion Floor.




    The Orion backpack was very popular at the pop-up shop. Hokkaido is located in Northern Japan where it snows heavily during winter.

    There people need bags suitable for all weather conditions!

    Fortunately, our backpacks have been designed for this.



    1. Orion Backpack L
      Orion Backpack L
    2. Orion Backpack M
      Orion Backpack M
    3. Taika Backpack
      Taika Backpack
    4. Orion M  Leather Backpack
      Orion M Leather Backpack



    The next pop-up in Japan will be opened at the Hankyu department store in Osaka.

    For more information and updates check the GOLLA Japan website (only in Japanese).




  • PREMIUM exhibition Berlin

    Published: 02.04.2019 11:58 | Updated: 03.04.2019 13:12




    Golla attended in PREMIUM exhibition Berlin in January 2019.

    PREMIUM is the leading global fashion trade show that strengthens business relations, inspires and fosters the interdisciplinary knowledge exchange.



    GOLLA New Business collection AW19 was displayed.

    Innovative materials and details are smart casual for every occasion!




    1. Orion M  Leather Backpack
      Orion M Leather Backpack
    2. Kanto Leather Briefcase
      Kanto Leather Briefcase
    3. Hugo Leather Traveller Bag
      Hugo Leather Traveller Bag
    4. Euro Leather Wallet
      Euro Leather Wallet






  • Golla Airport POP-UP

    Published: 27.11.2018 10:27 | Updated: 03.04.2019 13:36




    Golla has opened a POP-UP again in to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. The POP-UP has a slightly new interior,

    but it is located in the same place as previously, in the non-Schengen area near Gate 34.

    Our new SS19 leather collection is featured !




    1. Ilta Leather Backpack
      Ilta Leather Backpack
    2. Kaarna leather crossbody bag
      Kaarna leather crossbody bag
    3. Penni Leather Clutch
      Penni Leather Clutch




    Golla Pop-up store at Helsinki Airport


    The Airport POP-UP sells the new leather collection, in addition, with the same product line as last time.

    The POP-UP will last until the end of April 2019.




  • Metsä Village POP-UP Japan

    Published: 27.11.2018 09:57 | Updated: 05.07.2019 16:37





    Golla opened a 2-month long POP-UP to Metsä Village in Japan. It is located in Tokyo metropolitan area, next to lake Miyazawa.

    The ‘Metsä’ comprises two areas: the Metsä Village which allows visitors to experience the Scandinavian and Nordic way of living, the atmosphere and enjoy the rich nature.

    In addition, there is a shopping mall which sells all kind of Nordic goods.

    Another area in ‘Metsä’ is a Moominwalley Park where people can discover the world of famous Finnish fairytale characters, Moomins.



    Golla’s POP-UP is located in the Metsä Village shopping mall and the store follows the same style as all the other stores and POP-Ups Golla has.

    The chosen products are colorful and unique, presenting the Nordic style with prints and colours. The POP-UP lasts until the end of December 2018.



  • MIPEL Milan Fair

    Published: 25.09.2018 17:20 | Updated: 07.03.2019 16:01


    mipel 2

    Golla attended the MIPEL fair in Milan, Italy. MIPEL is an international leather goods and fashion accessory show, now held for the 114th time.

  • La Rinascente Milan

    Published: 28.08.2018 10:52 | Updated: 08.05.2019 14:57

    La Rinascente

    Golla's new bags are now presented and sold in the iconic La Rinascente department store in Milan. Besides that Golla got an opportunity to have a window display in an impressive window facing the Piazza Duomo. The window display was designed by Golla's designers and built in Golla's own warehouse. The Scandinavian style retells the design of Golla's fair stands and Golla's flagshipstore in Stockmann Helsinki.

  • Galeries Lafayette Haussmann Paris

    Published: 28.08.2018 10:38 | Updated: 08.05.2019 15:00


    Golla's products are now sold in France's largest department store Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris. The product range is placed in to the luggage section on the 4th floor in the main building. Galeries Lafayette is a tourist attraction in its own right because of its remarkable dome and panoramic view of Paris.

  • Pure London Fair

    Published: 28.08.2018 09:21 | Updated: 08.05.2019 14:59

    pure london

    Golla attended to Pure London SS19 fashion trade show from July 10th to July 12th for the first time. Golla presented the leather collection as well as pieces from the future Nylon Collection. The stand was in the Accessories section of the trade show.  

  • Panorama Berlin Fair

    Published: 08.08.2018 13:25


    Golla took part in the Panorama SS/19 fair in Berlin, Germany from July 4th to July 6th. Golla had an outstanding fair stand at the Accessories section, where Golla presented the new upcoming Leather Bag Collection for the first time.  

  • Golla in Hankyu (Osaka, Japan)

    Published: 18.06.2018 16:43 | Updated: 08.05.2019 14:58


    In early June Golla had a successful pop up in the Hankyu Department store in Osaka, Japan. The weeklong Nordic fair was held in the ninth floor of the department store. Many Nordic brands, cafés, restaurants and representatives took part in the fair. Golla was the bestseller of the whole fair with a great outcome. 

    Hankyu department store is one of the biggest department stores in Japan.  Established in 1929, it serves as a hub for sophisticated fashion and lifestyle trends. It has four locations is Japan, and in Osaka it is the largest department store. The Nordic Fair was an event held in the Osaka store in order to promote Nordic fashion and current trends. There were speakers from different Nordic countries, cafés and restaurants as well as fashion brands.

    Golla's popup stand was placed in the middle of the fair, with space of 2646 m². The pop up followed the style and atmosphere of the stores in Finland. The fair was a success and a great opportunity to present Golla in the Japanese markets.