About Golla

Brand Heritage

The Golla story began 1995 in the Finnish village of Kolla, which eventually served as inspiration for the brand name.

Kähkönen family had been creating handcrafted furniture in their old shed when they soon decided to incorporate their passion for design by producing small functional items from rubber and plastic. These items were quickly sold worldwide, reaching as far as the MoMa gift shop in New York.

Making history

By the turn of the millennium, a new era began when the family saw a market in lifestyle accessories for gadgets just as the mobile revolution emerged. Golla joined this revolution and was among the first to bring style and color into the world of otherwise dull-looking mobile accessories.

Throughout the years, the collection of Golla bags kept growing and has been introduced to new markets all around the globe.

Creating the future

Today Golla creates minimalistic and refined bags, drawing inspiration from Scandinavian simplicity.

People have become one with their Golla products as they have embraced their mobile devices. Expressing personality has always been our identity, and that’s what makes us loved. Golla bags are designed for those with a creative mindset and adventurous lifestyle.


We love our work and it’s clearly visible in our collections. Carefully thought combinations of modern colors and quality fabrics promote our passion to deliver originality.

We uphold the values of Creativity, Joyfulness and Adventure, which define the brand and keep us innovative. We bring the most stylish way to carry essentials whenever and wherever they’re needed.

Our vision is to be a part of people’s everyday adventures by designing bags for individual lifestyles.