the Season

Golden fields and the pale sun’s last rays.

This view once accompanied a young Finnish man who travelled the countryside to gather poems and lores, passed down through generations. Working lifestyle is changing, moving away from offices to everywhere around us. Life is proving to be a colorful journey rather than only a destination. Joy and adventurous spirit as our legacy, we bring you the smart and stylish way to move with your most important working tools anywhere, anytime.

Get cozy with the warm autumn hues.

New styles, a unique look. It’s a time for the deep autumnal tones to provide choices that vary in light and dark. Embrace the possibility, as we accompany the season change with our upcoming collection.

Sleek, spacious and sophisticated – perfect for creative business.

Pioneers in designing accessories for mobile devices, we ride the first wave of discovering freedom and natural creativity in work.
Drawing inspiration from the Nordic nature, the collection features enchanting colors such as deep lake blue and bright sunshine yellow.

Coming soon.